June 5, 2014

Running Through The Poppies


Similar to how Dorothy ran through the poppies toward Emerald City, I was running through life the past several years trying to find my dream job.  And just as the Wizard had all the answers and solutions that she'd never have expected, the Universe had unexpected answers for me too.

No matter what you think you want, the Universe always knows better.   If there is even a twinge of a doubt inside, the Universe knows and holds back.   I know this now more than ever because after the longest search, I finally found my perfect job.

When I started this blog, I was unemployed and searching for work.  Eventually I had to leave my Nob Hill and move in with a friend.   Finally I found a low-paying temp job, which turned into a permanent job and I was able to save for a deposit and search for roommates in order to be somewhat on my own again.

That low-paying job led to another low-paying job, which I thought would be better, but was not.   I was promised a lot of what turned out to be empty promises.   I stayed for almost 2 years because I needed some stability on my resume.   Then one day, I heard about my current job, applied, and was hired within a week.  

At the time I started to seriously look, I knew without a doubt that I needed to leave.  Things had become very chaotic and unstable at my job and I honestly did not think the company would have enough money to pay me for much longer.  And it happened incredibly fast.  So fast, that I only gave one week's notice.  

My new job is everything that was on my wishlist and more.   I work with a great group of people and it's an easy commute.  I have amazing benefits and we're closed the week between Christmas and New Year's with pay, so I automatically have a Christmas vacation every year.   My salary is much better than before.  And I'm able to start saving for retirement again, and enough so, that I will be safe and sound when the time comes, even though I'm starting from scratch.   They even cover my tuition so I can finally get my degree.   It really could not be a better fit for me.  

Whenever I had been on the job hunt before, I searched for a very specific type of position.  I thought I knew what I wanted.   I thought I knew the career path I was trying to carve out for myself.   This new position is not what I had been searching for in a title or in job duties, but it is so much better!   That's what I mean when I say that the Universe knows better.  I am so relieved I didn't actually get one of the other jobs I had been pursuing.  This position was worth the wait. 

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