June 27, 2011

Morning Zen

The other morning,  I felt an instant zen.  It may have been the clarinet player in the subway on the way to work.  It may have been the cheerful people who work at the little cafe where I go for coffee occasionally.  But I think it was the fact that the local news was playing on the TV in the cafe.   I don't even know if the story they were telling was good or bad, but it's the fact it was local, letting me know that I'm home in San Francisco.

That zen moment caught me by surprise.  I've been so stressed while looking for a place.  I've been stressed for quite some time.  First, while trying to keep my old apartment, then losing it because I didn't have work.  Leaving San Francisco for Las Vegas and then coming back after finding work, only to try to find a new apartment.  Finally, I have both at the same time.    

I started thinking about how good it'll feel once I'm in my own home within a couple of weeks.  Not "staying with" anyone anymore.  No.  I'm on the lease.  It's mine.  That feels soooo good.  I have a feeling a lot of zen mornings are ahead for me.  I'm so grateful for the chance to be back in my City and the opportunity to rebuild my life.

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