January 18, 2011



Last night as I went to sleep, I was thinking of the perfect San Francisco apartment.  I was remembering a little studio I once saw in the Marina or Cow Hollow.  The building looked ordinary from the outside, but inside the gate, you went down some stairs and it led to an inside cobblestone courtyard.  The apartment door was in this courtyard, which had little trees and flowerbeds lined with moss covered stones.  A cute apartment with greenery outside every window.  I kept thinking that it lacked privacy, but the windows had custom wood shutters.  I passed on it then, but dreaming of it now.  That little apartment seemed like such a hidden gem.  I can't wait to be back in San Francisco and look for another hidden gem. 

Even though I have lost 90% of my possessions, the bright side is that I get to rebuild my life.  I get to start over.  How many of us are lucky enough to play another hand and enjoy the creativity of it?  It's a clean slate.  I sort of feel like my own lucky penny.  Anything is possible! 

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