December 30, 2010

Kaleidoscope New Year

Everyone makes resolutions.  We always want to change something.  But what if we just let the changes occur?  Change will come no matter what, so isn't it better to be surprised by life than to try to force it?  Like a kaleidoscope, every slight turn changes the entire view.  Just for New Year's sake, here are my resolutions.  Everyone makes them, even me!

 Throwing caution to the wind and tempting fate!

Wishing upon stars....

or making my own wishes. 

My heart is set on France, if not this year, sometime in my life.
  It's a life resolution.

Speak fluent French.  

Take a leap of faith!

Always more travel...go anywhere, anytime as long as it's away and spectacular!  Let's go!

Find trust within myself to let someone have the key to my heart.

To not give up on my hopes and dreams.

Be as carefree as a butterfly!

To keep the courage to follow my heart and remember to be gentle on myself,
I am just a child of the Universe.

Appreciate the kaleidoscope effect of life!

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