November 18, 2010


A good friend recently mentioned something to me.  The gist was to stop whining and make the best of it.  That friend was right!  When did I start down the path of negativity?  I've been raining on my own parade and didn't even realize it. 

How did I get stuck in that awful loop?  What happened to my Desert Retreat?  I need to remember to always look for the silver linings.  So I'm in the desert.  I can't enjoy the fresh sea air, but I can go hiking at Red Rock.  Yoga is available anywhere my body is.  And let's not forget the staycations.  Vegas Baby!!  If I want the beach, L.A. is just a short, four hour drive away.  

I have friends here and making even more as we speak.  I still don't want to date because I have a big fear of getting stuck here.  But you know what?  When I was getting ready to move to San Francisco, I started dating a guy in Omaha.  He knew I was moving within a few weeks.  I told him that upfront.  It was wonderful spending time with him and before I left, he asked me to stay.   I suppose I could do that again.  As long as he understands that I am not planning to stay in Vegas, what's the harm in having some fun?   If I'm open to at least that much, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and he is dreaming about moving to San Francisco or New York or France.  Anything is possible.   There are always silver linings if you know where to look.

No more whining.  I will stop to smell the roses and enjoy life as it comes.  Life is what you make it.  Time is yours to design.  As long as I remember those things, I'm golden.  What difference does it make where I am?  I'm happy in my own skin.  I love being me!  I'm me anywhere, so I can deal with being in Vegas for a bit.  Who knows what trouble I might get into here.  It makes life interesting!  How amazing it would be, in my old age, to say:  "I used to live in Vegas and you'll never guess what I did while I was there."  But then again, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Hmmm.  Makes me want to do even more!  

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