October 31, 2010

Season Of The Witch

Truth time.  A few months ago, I was excited  to tell everyone that I had gotten a job, for which I had been searching for some time.   It ended before it even began.  Friends wanted to know what happened.  I said that it "fell through".  Here is the story:

I had been networking, looking for work.  A friend was asking around for me and found someone, whom I'll refer to as Miranda,  who was looking for an assistant.  Miranda wanted me to call her that evening.  We spoke on the phone for about an hour.  I should have known by that conversation that it was the wrong position for me, but I was desperate for work, would've taken anything, and did.  

Miranda told told me some very personal things that were not appropriate for a phone interview.  For instance, how her husband left her and why, how she hated her previous bosses, etc.  She was very woe-is-me, but made it a point to say "Sorry, I don't mean to throw myself a pity-party."  We agreed to meet Monday at her house.

I got there and we chatted for about 10 minutes and she offered me the job on the spot.  I was thrilled!   I would be working out of her house.  She was soon moving to another city to start up a second office and I would work remotely.  The I.T. guy was still going to be there too, and the flat in this house would be the San Francisco office.  I was starting the following day!

Even though she said she wanted to hire an assistant, she hadn't really thought it through.  She  asked me to give myself a title.  She had me create my own job description.  But, instead of letting me do my job, she had me doing a hodgepodge of anything but assistant work.  I vacuumed her home.  I walked her dog.  I loaded her dishwasher.  I waited for the "assistant" work to begin, but there wasn't much of that.  She changed my hours daily.  She gave me a 30 minute lunch time each day with no additional breaks.  No insurance.  No 401k.  No benefits of any kind.  When she did give me a bit of work, she would have me move my work and the laptop from her office to the kitchen and back again.  She didn't want me out of her sight, yet told me she felt self-conscious with me in her office.  She would shower, then run around in a towel.  I managed to shower before work, why couldn't she?  She cackled on the phone to her friends and potential clients, repeating the same shtick she gave me during our phone interview, including the phrase "Sorry, I don't mean to throw myself a pity-party."   

I heard her yelling and cursing to an employee she had in another state.  Warning flags were going up all over the place.  One of the first things she told me about was success: "It's all about choices."  I found out later what she really meant by that.  For instance, her I.T. guy was from another country and had just gotten his work visa.  I heard her say "Now I guess I'll have to pay him what he is worth."   What she meant by "choices" was that she chose people she could use, people she could cut corners with.

Miranda started in on me within the first week.  Barking orders at me, giving me a list of several things so quickly that I couldn't even write them down.  She snapped her fingers at me.  She would say one thing, change her mind without telling me, and then get angry when I didn't do what she wanted.  I was determined to stick it out, because she would soon be on the other side of the country and I could take ownership of  my position and make it a true, professional office.

On the 6th day, she gave me an assignment to do in a program I  had told her previously I had never used before.  I tried to work on it, but she kept snapping her fingers at me, adding to the invisible list.  I stopped her and told her that I thought I was in over my head with this program she was asking me to use, that I needed more time to work on it.  Then she turned the conversation as me being in over my head with this position and she asked for my resignation because she said "I don't want you to try to file for unemployment."  I was stunned.  I went from asking for training on the program to writing my resignation?  I wasn't expecting to go down that path, got caught off guard and gave it to her.

A friend told me later that she said "I didn't like Lori, so I did what I could to make her quit."  as if doing some routine thing you don't even think about, she was just haphazardly playing with people's lives. 

But you know what?  I know what's in the cards for her.

I have a crystal ball called common sense.  I have seen the way she does business.   I know how she treats people and the lies she tells others to make them think she is successful, when I know she is not.   I know much more than I am telling here.   Her business is living on borrowed time.

What do I see in my crystal ball?  I see her true self, shining through for all the world to see.

 I have angels looking out for me.  I believe in Karma.  I don't use others for my own personal or professional gain.

I've thought about what she didn't like about me.  I've come to the conclusion that it's about reflections.  I am someone who treats others well.   She looked at me and saw what she is not.  She may have tricked me into resigning, but I got the treat of no longer having to work for her.  Thanks anyway, Miranda, but I know all about true success.  Success is having friends and family who love and care for you, which I have.  I'll be just fine.

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  1. Grr. People like "Miranda" are all over, unfortunately! Trying to save face by saying she didn't like you. A lesson learned, but never time wasted! Too bad for her that she is so self-absorbed!