October 22, 2010

It's Not Just The Leaves

The other night, I was watching the Giants vs. Phillies on TV.  The game was being played in San Francisco and they showed sites of the city.  City Hall and Coit Tower were lit up in orange in honor of the Giants.  I cried knowing that I am not there.  ~sigh~  I love going to those games!  I kept my orange scarf and Giants throw blanket because I fully intend to be back again at AT&T Park one cold, summer night cheering on my team!

But the orange lights gave me an idea: to change the color of my blog for the holidays!  So, with Halloween coming up in a few short days, I'm making it orange in honor of the bright pumpkins and changing leaves.  I'll change it again in the upcoming months to match the nearest holiday.  Sort of festive, don't you think?  Definitely very "Lori", that's for sure. :)

Sometimes, I think I could get used to living here, but the other day I came across a pumpkin patch.  That sentence makes it sound like I was out in the lush wilderness and came across a clearing with a pumpkin patch.  No, I'm in the desert, so what actually happened was I was driving down Tropicana or Flamingo and come across a make-shift pumpkin patch in a field or parking lot.  Bales of hay everywhere to display the pumpkins, some I'm-not-sure-I'd-let-my-kids-ride-these rickety rides and pumpkins sitting in the hot desert sun.  Very odd to see for someone who came from the Midwest and has actually grown pumpkins in the garden.  I saw it again in the evening and they had white twinkle lights up everywhere and since it was dark, you didn't really notice that you were in the desert.  I guess that's the way it is here, but I found it sad. 

Maybe it's just the holidays coming up that makes me feel sad.  I really thought I'd still be in my city-by-the-bay and would get to do my Christmas shopping for the first time in years.  I thought I'd have a job and be able to buy presents again.  Nothing extravagant, but beautiful, little, charming trinkets that are so frequently and easily found in beautiful San Francisco.  Have you ever been?  Do you know what it's like there at Christmastime?  It's chilly, sometimes rainy and foggy, yet incredibly warm.  Everyone is happy to be there.  They sing Christmas carols on the cable cars.  Everything is festive and lit up with twinkle lights.  The Nutcracker Ballet is magical.  Walking down little streets with little shops, you feel as if you are in a nook of New York or Paris.  It's small-town friendly in a big, glamorous city.  I'm so in love with San Francisco!

On the bright side about being here?  Sleeping to thunderstorms, listening to the birds in the tree right outside my bedroom window, which is usually open.  There is always a silver lining, you just need to know where to look.

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