October 29, 2010

Clicking the Clique

I read a lot of blogs.  Not everyday, but when the mood strikes, I click on one, which leads to another, which leads to another.  And I can't help but think "I'm so out of the clique."

My blog isn't like theirs.  Sometimes I wish it was.  I'm not up on all the latest and greatest.  I don't have this blogging thing down pat.  I try my best.  I love being creative with it.  But sometimes, I think it just doesn't measure up.  Why is that?

I'm not rich.  Maybe I don't read Vogue because I can't afford anything that they showcase.  I peruse it at the bookstore, but that's about it.  It's glossy and gorgeous, but it's also a reminder of what I am not.  I could look at it as the glass is half full:  it's a reminder of what I could be.  Is that what it's about?

Some of these blogs that I love, they are full of amazing decor ideas, beautiful fashion, bright photos from their full lives.  I have more of an online journal, I think.  Sometimes I compile of list or a series of photos of something fanciful, along with lessons on life to uplift you.  Lately, it's more of my life stories, what's happening along my path.

I see blogs with 1,600 followers, 5,000 followers, 11,000 followers.  Where are they coming from?  I have 9 followers, for which I am grateful.  I can't help but feel the blogs with thousands of followers are all part of the clique.  They are all like-minded, talking about fashion and decor.  Their posts may be a sentence or two, with a few pictures of the glossiest latest.  Maybe my posts are too long?  Maybe people don't want to read about my struggles and would rather have visions of Vogue dancing in their heads?  I understand.  

I won't pretend to be something I am not.  I am not a good actor.  I am only good at being me.  I like me --a lot.  Does that sound incredibly narcissistic?   I only mean that I am comfortable being me.  I like the fact that I am human and can adapt with the changes as I go through my life.  I like the lessons that I learn and my upbeat spirit.  Instead of sharing the creativity of the fashion designers and magazine editors, I share my creativity.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  And I do so enjoy it!! 

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