June 17, 2010

No Place Like Home

Maybe it was the crash after a sugar rush.  A friend sent me amazing homemade lemon cookies.  They are so delicious, but I think they must have a lot of sugar because, whoa, I feel these cookies.  After enjoying a couple of cookies earlier in the day, I was on my bed this afternoon.  No television, no music.  Just me, remembering when I was little.

I'm outside in the grass.  I can hear the wind in the trees above me and nothing else.  I feel spots of warm sun as it peeks through the moving branches.  I feel the grass under me.  Individually the blades are silky and strong and as a group, soft like carpet.   It all comes together as life.  

I've never had a problem being by myself.  Maybe it's because I've never felt truly alone.  I grew up in a tiny Iowa town.  We lived on the lake.  I could spend hours among nature.  The sun was my friend.  The wind was my friend.  The trees were my friends.  Grass, butterflies, everything.   When I was little, if I needed someone to talk to, I would talk to the sun, wind or trees.  I'm not saying they talked back, but they did seem to listen.  You might think that is totally cuckoo, but I look at it like this: everything living is alive.  You and I, plants, the energy of the earth, sun and wind.  The whole shebang.  So why not connect with all living things?

The moss on the stones at water's edge. 

 The heavenly smell of spring lilacs. 

The little bells that make Lily of the Valley.

How the smoke tree actually looks smokey.  

The trees seem to be there as confidants and protectors.

This little fox looks safe and comfortable.
  That's because he is at home, in nature. 
Aren't we all?  


  1. I LOVE this post! Brilliant..so true! :) ...ps love this song too! Great version of "Pure Imagination"! Thank you for helping me get out of my funk...much love to you, Lori! Have an amazing weekend!

  2. Thank you so much, Jess! :)