June 27, 2010

Flying Through The Air

Yesterday, I was overcome with a peaceful feeling, like everything is going to be OK.  Things have been happening lately and when I think about them, I feel like I'm going to make it, like a trapeze artist, swinging from one bar to the next.  

What I mean about things happening:  When I'm about to cross the street, the light changes right when I get to the curb so I can cross.  When I need a bus, there is one coming up the street.  When I need something like cat litter or cat food, it magically goes on sale for an unbelievable deal.  And when I sold my CDs yesterday, as I walked in, the guy at the counter gave me a coupon offering 10% above what I would normally get.  I was hoping and praying for at least $50.  As they were going through them at the store, I was looking at what I brought and thought OMG, I'll be lucky to get $25, but kept thinking in my head PLEASE, at least $50.  over and over.  I got $65!  

The store where I sold my CDs is in Union Square.   It's a beautiful, sunny Saturday. People waiting in line for the cable car, people shopping, some getting flowers at a flower stand, some getting hot dogs at a hot dog stand.  People on vacation and locals.  I saw the long line of people waiting for the cable car, and thought If any of my friends come to San Francisco, I will show them how to NOT have to wait in line for hours to ride the cable car.  And at that moment, I felt like Yes, I WILL be in San Francisco for a long time.  For that to happen, I need to be OK.  

I'm picturing my life as if I'm flying through the air, the next bar coming up to meet me, just in the nick of time. 

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