February 12, 2010

Youth Dew

I feel young, vibrant and alive!   Here are some things that may make you feel the same.





running through the sprinklers


wearing fun socks


devouring a banana split


Mickey Mouse balloons 

a bubble bath

bouncy balls




butterfly nets


I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the butterflies, fireflies, grasshoppers and baby snakes I captured when I was little.  I thought you were fun to play with and I'm sorry if I frightened you by capturing you.  I'm sorry I kept you in the butter tub or glass jar with holes in the lid too long.

Pixy Stix

wearing a pony tail


twinkle lights just because


I am happy and I hope you are too!  We are never too old to enjoy all that life has to offer, even the most innocent, tiny pleasures.  Now, don't forget the sprinkles on your banana split!

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