February 28, 2010

Ready for an Endless Summer

I can't help but look forward to summer and all the wonderful things it has to offer.  So, coming soon to a backyard, beach or park near you: Summer!

Let's start with tomatoes!  I love fresh tomatoes from the garden.  We had a garden when I was little.  Every morning before it got hot, usually around 7:00, my mom and I would tend to the garden and then pick some fresh vegetables.  Tomatoes were my favorite.  


We'd slice one up to serve at breakfast or make open-faced sandwiches for lunch.


fresh peaches
watermelon to cool off on a hot day

an ice cream cone

freshly made lemonade

Now on to summer flowers.  Oh how I love a garden!

Black-eyed Susans


A climbing rose bush. 
We had a Seven Sisters rose bush in our yard.
  So beautiful!


Dandelions.  Who can resist making a wish?




Summer activities....

Whether it's classic literature or a trashy beach read, how wonderful to find a spot in the grass and get lost in the world within a good book.


going to the county fair 

a summer picnic

finding a comfy spot and looking for pictures in the clouds

or being beneath a tree and gazing up at the leaves and shapes of the branches


An outdoor dinner party lit by lanterns.
Good food, good friends, a great evening. 
Sangria anyone?


Summer clothes...

jean shorts


sundress and sandals

An endless summer.

Are you ready for summer?

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