January 6, 2010

The Poet

Even though some things are shared by posting on the internet, they are still somewhat private.  Private, as in someone wrote it, created it.  Even though we all have our own perspective and interpretation, only the person who wrote it knows the exact meaning behind it.  That meaning is private.

Sort of like Easter eggs in the grass,  hidden, yet they are meant to be found.  If you come across it, if you are looking for it, it is a treasure and a surprise.  Such is the case of some poetry I came across last night.  I wish I had permission to reprint, because what I found  was truly incredible and made me cry.  Left there for me to find, it was hidden.  Now it is treasured.  And it has inspired me.

I like to think some poetry is about me.  It could be any woman, so it is about me, isn't it?

Please bear with me, this is my first attempt at poetry.  Ever.

Remembering French Perfume

The escape frightened me,
but the last
made my heart leap in hope.
The thought of spiraling like a staircase
made me sad to think
that in 40 short years
I may be dead
ashes to ashes
if I must. 

except for these written words 

traveling through time 
which is not dark nor still.
I love to remember
the flickering light 
that washed us out
like an old movie. 
Reminds me of the perfume ad,
which is perfect since she is French
as I wish to be.   

Even though we were going from Rome to Zurich,
not stopping in Paris,
maybe once upon a time
we did, we will?
All the women of the world put together, 
she could be me.

I am she. 


  1. Lori the poem you wrote was beautiful. I enjoy reading your spinning teacups.

  2. I know nothing about poetry but I'm sure the hardest part is just putting something down on paper - well done!

    Regarding running, I left you a few thoughts here but above all else I'd suggest you start somewhere flat and go easy on yourself at first. It's likely you'll try to go too fast and get disillusioned otherwise! If you go out 3-4 times and find you're enjoying it, do visit a running shop to be assessed for shoes that are right for you.

    Finding a friend to trot with can be fun, but paces can vary hugely and don't be surprised if he/she is too fast or slow for you.

    One of my favorite local events is the Emerald Across the Bay Race. As a beginner, it's probably a bit much to aim for this year, but you might like to go and watch for inspiration. Personally, I would avoid Bay to Breakers as it's just so chaotic. But you might feel otherwise!

    Very best of luck!!

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  4. Hey Lori, Couldn't sleep so looked for something positive. Read your latest blog entry. Love it! If you noticed, I love poetry especially lately. Your poem was great and really expressed your unique personality!!

    Love ya...