January 10, 2010

Dream a Little Dream of

I have been accused of living in a make-believe world.  Someone told me that on Facebook once and I honestly did not know they were talking about me.  I thought it was some other Lori.  Maybe I do, is there anything wrong with that?  I was talking to a friend today on the phone.  She told me how much she enjoyed reading my blog (happy to hear that!) because if she is having a bad day, she can read this and it makes her feel better, lifts her spirits.  She said that she has noticed that about me in real life.  I have a way of pulling myself up.  Even if I am sad or having a bad day, I can turn it around pretty quickly.

That didn't happen for me overnight.  I had to learn how to do it.  My dreams help me.  I can listen to a song or think of some dream, some plan for the future and I get happy just thinking about it.  I don't have to have it right now, just the thought that it's coming someday is enough. My dad was a dreamer.  He loved planning things and thinking things out.  Maybe I get it from him.
What if we got everything we ever dreamed of?  Would we be happy?  I have always thought that if I had every wish granted to me, there would be nothing left to dream about.  I know there would be something more eventually.  But until that day came, I don't think I would be as happy as I am with dreams.

What if you got your wish, but didn't do anything about it?  For instance, acquiring something like a nice set of copper pans.  I don't have copper pans, but I want copper pans.  I have a set of red pans, which I may have chosen because of my mother.  When I was about 4 or 5 years old, she wanted a set of red pans.  My dad bought them for her for Christmas or a birthday. She never used them.  She kept them in the box.  They were still in the box 20 years later when we cleaned out the house after she had passed away.  She never said why she never used them, but I know the answer:  She was waiting for a special occasion, or perhaps waiting for the ideal life she dreamed of, before using them because they didn't fit in her current life.  But what is especially sad about that is if she had used them, perhaps she would have been closer to the ideal life she dreamed of.

Do you have something you are saving for a better day?  If you have it, isn't that day now?  Like someone who holds onto a bottle of rare, vintage wine, then passes away before having the chance to drink it.  They had many chances to drink it, but waited.  Now instead of drinking it to toast a holiday, birthday or simply a Saturday night, they will never taste that rare, vintage wine.



  1. Lori, I agree with you more than 100% (if that's possible ;) I am guilty of getting upset when things break, etc. and need to get over that issue for sure! Life is a treasure and should be enjoyed. Happy Sunday and thank you for your kind words on my blog, know I've said this before... you're a kind soul and I think that's why you're able to lift yourself up and others as well with your words. xo~Tracie

  2. Hey Lori,
    The button looks great ~ merci! Hope to see you soon in Wine Country. Happy night ;)

  3. Hi Lori!
    You have such a great way with words, I love that you share your insightful thoughts! I have a tendency to "save" my nicer things for some other time or day - I do this alot with clothes - "save" the nicer outfits for something "special" that never happens!
    It takes great strength to change bad habits or a negative way of thinking but to do so beats 90% of our problems, so I think you are way ahead of alot of people by being able to dream your dreams and see life in such a positive light. A lesson that is so easy to forget but definitely good to be reminded!!

  4. Lori you know I love this and thank you for (you know what, nudge nudge) I agree you know how to put it all down on paper or should I say the computer. I love reading your blog. You make my day.