December 14, 2009

Dreaming of Pink Hawaii

As cold weather, rain and snow blanket the country,
I'm ready for a vacation and dreaming of Pink Hawaii!  How about you?

 Pink plumeria...


used to make a welcome lei! Smells heavenly!


 What a lovely welcome for our stay at The Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki, a luxury resort that is PINK!

A cute pink drink umbrella to garnish our....


Pink Mai Tais that we sip as we....

 watch the breathtaking, pink Hawaiian sunset!  

 The next morning, the beach awaits!  Slipping into my pink swimsuit...

Some fun in the water with


at Hanauma Bay, the best snorkeling spot on Oahu.

After a day of sun and surf, off to enjoy a luau...

Dang it, I guess I really was just dreaming...

Painting by Rachael Anderson

Rachael Anderson paintings available at Etsy

Maybe it's time to start planning a vacation...
 and let's make it PINK! 

Of course, if Hawaii isn't your cup of tea, there are always the pink sand beaches of Bermuda!

Bermuda Vacation Guide

but that is another dream for another cup of tea.

Happy Traveling!


  1. Hi Lori,
    I can smell the plumeria from here and I would love a pink Pina Colada or perhaps a Mai Tai with a huge chunk of pineapple... wow, I'm getting carried away but it is awfully damp and cold here tonight. Thanks for bringing a little paradise this way!
    Happy night xo~Tracie

  2. I love pink, nothing wrong with pink in HI. Wish you really could go.