December 8, 2009

Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella

As I continue to bring order to my apartment, it seems never-ending. I have not kept up as a person should.  I guess I've been depressed about things for a bit too long. I long for a spotless, neat and tidy apartment. Will I ever have it? In the meantime, I feel like Cinderella, cleaning away.

I watch the show Neat, a Canadian show about cleaning and organizing.  It is very inspiring!  The host of the show, Hellen Buttigieg, helps find what the issue is, what is the best solution for them (what is their natural organizing style), helps them purge items they no longer need and make tough decisions.  The end result is a beautiful home!
We all have it. A junk drawer, a messy closet, a pile of mail, lids but no containers. A little clutter, a little bit of chaos. But what happens when that little bit of chaos becomes a big mess? You’ve got major clutter that is blocking your chances for success and happiness. And it’s time to call in the neat team!
 Who wouldn't want to turn this...

into this?

If you'd like to receive e-newsletters on organization, you can go to Hellen's website:

Another wonderful professional organizer is Peter Walsh.  He has great tips as well.  If you are a fan of Oprah or TLC's Clean Sweep, you know who he is.  He has books on organizing, a newsletter and a new DVD. 

I wish a Fairy Godmother would come in, wave a magic wand and bring complete order to my home.


My goal is to have what professional organizers bring to their clients: a clean, organized home, where the only possessions there are the things that are my most loved items. Can you imagine? A home where it is nothing but things you absolutely LOVE?  What a lovely thought!  In fact, it is such a lovely thought, it is renewing my energy and vigor to get going again and make it my reality!

Then maybe I can finally go to the ball.
(i.e. get on with my life and bring good energy in to replace the bad energy.)

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